Clinical Bioinformatics
Editor(s): Ronald J.A. Trent1
Affiliation(s): (1)Department of Molecular and Clinical Genetics,University of Sydney Central Clinical School Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown New South Wales Australia
Series: Methods in Molecular Medicine  |  Volume No.: 141
Print ISBN: 978-1-58829-791-4

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Front Matter
Page Range: I-XI
Author(s): Bing Yu
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Author(s): Chi N.I. Pang, Marc R. Wilkins
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Author(s): Anthony M. Joshua, Paul C. Boutros
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Author(s): Vitali Sintchenko, Enrico Coiera
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Author(s): Siaw-Teng Liaw, Peter Schattner
Pub. Date: Dec-21-2007; DOI:10.1007/978-1-60327-148-6_19; Page Range: 353-373
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